Dr. Jamie Frizzell

Contención de compuestos altamente potentes en la producción de formas farmacéuticas sólidas orales.


Jamie Frizzell has held the position of Technical Sales Manager at Freund-Vector Corporation since 2015. Previously Jamie served as Engineering Project Manager at Freund-Vector Corporation for over 15 years and as Sr. Controls Engineer for 6 years. He has extensive process engineering experience through working with many customers on projects to provide custom solutions. He obtained his BS with a major in Electrical Engineering from Iowa State University and a Masters in Business Addministration from the University of Iowa.

Jamie has been a speaker at many different seminars and conferences around the world and is a member of the International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineers (ISPE).


Abstract of the presentation

With the rapid growth in the use of highly potenct active pharmaceutical ingredients in oral solid dosage pharmaceutical manufacturing, safe handling and processing of these compounds is more important than ever.  Containment of potent compounds require highly engineered solutions and procedures to ensure both operator safety and product quality.  We will examine systems for the categorizing of potent compounds and the methods used to adequately contain these compounds.  Fianlly, we will review methods for testing to ensure the designed levels of containment are achieved.