Dr. Charles Cunningham

Incrementando la flexibilidad en la manufactura de los comprimidos recubiertos usando procesos continuos


Charles Cunningham is a Senior Manager in the Product Development Group at Colorcon.  In his 24 year career at Colorcon, Charles has focused on coating process applications and the scale-up and optimization of aqueous film-coating processes.  Charles has authored several articles in the areas of immediate release and delayed release film coating technologies as well as solid oral dose formulation and excipient technologies.  He holds four patents related to novel film-coating and excipient formulations.


Abstract of the presentation

Over the past decades there has been little change in the basic design of manufacturing scale film coating equipment.  However, recent industry trends toward more manufacturing flexibility, faster change-overs, variable batch sizes and continuous tablet manufacture have led many coating equipment companies to introduce improved, or completely new, batch, continuous and semi-continuous coating equipment designs.  Some of these designs differ considerably from traditional coating process configurations but common themes are rapid coating cycle times, improved throughput flexibility and in some cases smaller manufacturing footprints.  Coating formulations also need to provide maximum flexibility for efficient use in these new and emerging coating processes as well as in traditional batch pans.   In this presentation, three case studies will be presented evaluating continuous and newly designed semi-continuous coating processes:

  • Case study 1. Thomas Engineering Flex ® Continuous Tablet Coater (CTC).
    • Evaluation of coated tablet uniformity at varying throughput rates.
    • Evaluation of tablet transit times and uniformity of tablet progression
  • Case study 2. Driam DRIACONTI-T® semi-continuous coater.
    • Evaluation of coated tablet uniformity at varying coating solids concentrations
  • Case study 3. GEA ConsiGma™ semi-continuous coater
    • Evaluation of coated tablet appearance at varying coating solids concentrations