Dr. Gary Sackett

Compactación por rodillos. Una reseña sobre granulación seca y desarrollos recientes en esta tecnología.


Gary Sackett has held the position of International Sales Manager at Freund-Vector Corporation since 2005. His sales territories include Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, and Latin America. Previously Gary served as the Laboratory Manager at Vector Corporation for over 20 years. He has process development experience in the areas of perforated pan coating, fluid bed granulation & coating, roll compaction, and controlled release dosage forms. Gary has provided product & process development assistance to over 200 different companies. He obtained his BS with a major in Biology from Iowa State University and MBA from the University of Iowa.

Gary has been a speaker at over 50 different seminars and conferences. He has authored numerous pharmaceutical articles on various aspects of solid dosage form processing including a chapter on film coating in the book Pharmaceutical Unit Operations: Coating. Gary co-authored chapters on roll compaction and film coating in the book Developing Solid Oral Dosage Forms: Pharmaceutical Theory and Practice. He is a member of the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS) and Controlled Release Society (CRS).



Abstract of the presentation

The implementation of continuous  manufacturing is currently a hot topic in the pharmaceutical industry. Roller Compaction (or dry granulation) is a tried and tested option for continuous manufacturing that offers some advantages over wet granulation. Key components of the roll compaction system including options for feed systems, roll design, and recirculation systm will be presented.  Methods for scale-up of the throughput along with a number of case studies are provided. One case study on scale-up provides details on key parameters such as particle size distribution, physical tablet characteristics, drug dissolution, and stability. The advantages and disadvantages of this type of processing will be addressed.